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Sen. Gray also has track record – Peoria Times


Below is a link to an Education forum sponsored by Cox Cable that Rick participated in. We are posting the entire forum, not picking and choosing segments for political manipulation as our opponent has done.

“We have too many of these tactics in politics and I have said that I got involved in politics because I was tired of politics as usual. We have a problem that needs to be fixed. While I understand that funding is necessary and have voted to increase funding, we need a comprehensive fix to our education issues and that is what I’m committed to doing.” – Rick







COMMENTARY: Gray working on important issues

Was honored to work on HB2502, known as “The Officer Craig Tiger Act”, which provides critical treatment to all first responders and mandates the collection of comprehensive data on the exposure and impact of PTSD claims.

It’s only fair to share cost of Judge’s Salaries – County Supervisor Clint Hickman

Arizona Governor Signs Bill Providing Treatment of PTSD for Responders

State budget deal includes relief for Maricopa County

Rick Gray to replace Debbie Lesko, represent West Valley in Arizona Senate

Supervisors appoint Rick Gray to LD21 Senate seat

Supervisors appoint ex-legislator Rick Gray to replace Debbie Lesko