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The Arizona Corporation Commission was established in the Arizona Constitution in 1912 and it is one of only seven states that have a constitutionally formed Commission. Arizona is also only one of thirteen states with elected Commissioners. In the other states Commissioners are appointed by either the governor or the legislature. Arizona chose to have elected instead of appointed Commissioners to guard against the possibility of having Commissioners who gave a higher priority to the entities they regulated than the ratepayers.

The Corporation Commission not only regulates public utilities it also oversees the process of incorporating or registering a company to do business in the state, registers and oversees securities offerings and dealers, and enforces railroad and pipeline safety.

Unique to other government entities, the Commissioners functions in an executive, legislative, and judicial capacity. They are elected by the people of Arizona for a four-year term with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Corporation Commission Mission Statement

Exercise exclusive state regulatory authority over public service corporations public utilities) in the public interest;

Grant corporate status and maintain public records;

Ensure the integrity of the securities marketplace; and

Foster the safe operation of railroads and gas pipelines in Arizona.